How looks can change your life

The medical field has made such advancements that now almost everything one can think of has its cures. Earlier, the processes and medical conditions that seemed impossible to cure or mend are taken care of today with the vast expansion in the curative world.

One of the biggest achievements can be seen in the world of cosmetology. The field has two main streams: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. While cosmetic surgery mainly revolves around the modification of the external appearance of an individual, plastic surgery is more about changing the way one looks by extracting tissues and replacing them with the same on one’s body.

This treatment can aid people in more than one way. There are many cases in which babies are born with birth deformities. This can be corrected at a very early age thru cosmetic surgery. Since the newborn child’s skin is soft and has greater healing capacity, the procedure will be unnoticeable within a few weeks. In case of accidents where people lose their appearance, this surgery is a boon. Though it might take time, depending on the depth of injury, but with the ability to make the person appear close to normal, gives a huge emotional boost to the victims.

There are various cases in the film fraternity where actors undergo the procedure to make they appear younger and vulnerable even after approaching a certain age. Though this sounds timid, but the fact remains that in the industry, irrespective of the gender, looks are everything. Women who have flat bodies can suffer a lot of humiliation among peers, but with a simple surgery, this deformity can be taken care of.

Besides being a blessing, there is also a flipside of plastic surgery. There also are people who are so obsessed with the little flaws in their looks that they choose to undergo the correction again and again. This often gets so acute that the person ultimately has a psychological disorder about their appearances. Though common, these surgeries are not cheap. The equipment used for the surgery has very high values making the process not suitable for anyone and everyone.

There also lies a huge risk of the procedure going wrong, which could worsen the condition. There have been cases, where the result of the surgery has been disastrous. Thus before undergoing the corrective surgery, it is important to enquire about the surgeon and choose the right person. Needless to mention, the process requires excessive accuracy and thus the practitioners need to be extra cautious.

No doubts that all human inventions are for their own benefits, and it is well known that there is a flip side too. But what remains is a fact that the invention of such medical procedure has a positive effect on most lives. And besides everything, like all surgeries, this too takes the time to heal with a lot of caution and restriction. The procedure being so delicate needs a little extra care so that one can look beautiful and feel beautiful all the time forever.

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